Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Bob Corker Hiding From Ed Bryant?

That certainly appears to be the case.

Now some have come out and called Bob Corker a coward. He might well be (it would, after all, give credence to the SpongeBob moniker with spineless behavior), but I won't go that far. I think it's a politically savvy move by his campaign team. The less that Tennesseans know about Bob Corker and his liberal vision for Tennessee the better. All they need to know is 1) he has a mother, 2) he has lots of money, and 3) he is very popular at Pilot stations. Isn't that reason enough to elect him to represent us in the U.S. Senate?

Over at Blogging for Bryant, I thought this comment from a reader going by the name of "Momma Corker" was priceless:

JB, you forget that Bob Corker's word is as good as his handshake, which is as good as a contract, which is as good as a certificate of authenticity, which is almost as good as the real thing. If Bob Corker says he'll debate, he'll debate. If he says he's pro-life, he's pro-life. If he says he began life as a bag of ice and only later developed human form, I'll take him at his word, which is as good as it gets. Because that's what Corkers are all about.

We've all thought it, so it's about time someone said it. Bob Corker's "vote for me because my word is my bond and I say I'm a faithful conservative" strategy either belittles the American right to vote because it should take more than someone's own testimony to elect them to the U.S. Senate or it belittles the work ethic and intelligence of Tennesseans because he doesn't think that anyone would possibly look at the evidence that creates a stark contrast between the advertised Bob Corker and the real Bob Corker. Maybe it does both.

I heavily criticized Van Hilleary when he ran from Jim Henry in the 2002 gubernatorial primary. Tennesseans deserve better than someone who runs and hides when their ideology is questioned. They deserve better than Bob Corker.

I think it is pretty clear Corker is a coward-but if Bryant intends to win the race at this point, he needs to be all over television and radio saying so.
You're right, david. Too bad Ed doesn't have the money to do that. Corker's ad buy will continue to grow, and it'll be over a month before Ed can get up on the air. In the meantime, he'll continue to fade further and further out of the picture. Already, we can see the Writing on The Wall. Less than a month after going on the air, Corker has already surpassed Bryant in name-ID. Before long, Corker will have an edge on him in the polls.

Ed knows he has to fight off this Corker onslaught, so he's issuing Fraud Watches that the media ignores and set up a website that a tiny fraction of people will see compared to those who will see and hear Corker's T.V. and radio ads. Face it, Mr. Bryant simply cannot run at a competitive level any longer.
Neither can Van Hilleary be effective-he is also, compared with Corker, utterly nowhere to be found.
Charles -

I have to agree with David. If you take the point of view that name ID equals votes, then everything you said about Ed applies to Van, as well.

One question for all: where does Tennessee conservatism go from here, with the possibility of either non-conservative Ford or non-conservative Corker in the Senate, an inept Democratic Yankee governor, and the majority of House seats in non-conservative hands?


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