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I have been informed that TeamGOP has been disallowing the comments of Donna Locke of Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform.

Perhaps the group has been taken over by John McCain and his pro-amnesty forces in the U.S. Senate. Perhaps there is a technical glitch that is not allowing Ms. Locke to comment. Perhaps this is the way TeamGOP rolls.

No matter what the cause, the result surely isn't a desired one in the marketplace of ideas.

Well, here is the most recent comment I tried to post at TeamGOP that never appeared. I entered this comment on Thursday.

"Sen. Frist today flipped to the side of Sen. Ted Kennedy in calling for a mass amnesty for illegal aliens. Frist came out today in favor of the Hagel-Martinez amnesty proposal. We hear Frist has twisted enough arms and served up enough Kool-Aid to pass this giant amensty on Friday.

Apparently Frist has agreed to pass the Democrats' massive amnesty now that most of the Democrats have agreed to trim their amnesty slightly.

According to Roy Beck of NumbersUSA: 'Because the Hagel/Martinez "compromise" denies the amnesty to illegal aliens who arrived less than two years ago, Frist is claiming that this bill is NOT an amnesty. In fact, that is what every Republican who is now rushing to support the bill is claiming -- and that is what nearly all the Demcrats who support it are saying.'

Frist hasn't really changed his spots. He is what he has been. And the American people are expected to continue subsidizing their own destruction. I bet they won't."

No amnesty was passed in the Senate on Friday. You can keep up with the developments by visiting As for TeamGOP, I guess this is just too much cognitive dissonance for them to deal with.

I don't care if TeamGOP posts my comments or not. But it's worth knowing the kind of blog they're running over there.
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