Saturday, April 29, 2006


Hawkins County Ambush?

For the past several weeks, many political pundits (and undoubtedly the U.S. Senate and 1st District candidates) have been asking the powers that be in Hawkins County if a straw poll would take place tonight. I know that I was interested because Hawkins County is the only East Tennessee county with a Lincoln Day on April 29th, and straw polls tend to bring out the bigger crowds. To my knowledge, everyone was told that there would be no straw poll.

Being a former resident of Surgoinsville (WAY back in the days leading up to and including kindergarten), I had entertained the idea of heading up that way. About mid-week, I decided that I would go anyway, as it is a beautiful drive along 11W and all U.S. Senate candidates, 1st District candidates, and candidate for governor Jim Bryson are slated to attend.

Yesterday, I received a call stating that it had been announced (presumably yesterday) that there would indeed be a straw poll at the Hawkins County Lincoln Day. Not only that, but apparently one of the campaigns had purchased all of the remaining tickets days ago. The VOLConWife and I are going on the gracious invitations of locals who donated their own tickets to us, and we are fortunate to have those.

I'm not saying that there is a fix in the works here to get one candidate a much-needed straw poll win. I don't know that at all and am only going on what I have been told. I will let you know what I observe after tonight and let you decide.

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