Monday, November 14, 2005


Feeling My Age

I certainly love a three-day weekend. That is about the only way that I can have the fun I crave and still have a day to vegetate before returning to work on Monday.

I spent Veteran's Day afternoon and night with the VOLConWife at Dollywood. You haven't been to Dollywood until you've visited during the Christmas season. It's always incredibly refreshing to visit a major U.S. theme park that not only recognizes Christianity and the birth of Jesus but celebrates it. (Compare this to Wal-Mart, which won't be getting any of my business for the rest of the year.)

Saturday was quite the eclectic mix for the VOLConWife and I. From shopping for cellphones (we chose the LG AX5000) to trying on my great grandfather's suits to shooting shotguns to dinner and a night with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my Mom and The Undecided Philosopher, it was quite the action-packed day. Thank God that we had Sunday to recover.

If you haven't taken in a TSO show yet, I highly recommend it. Attending a Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance has become a Christmas tradition for our small family, and we added several more converts this weekend. I would post pictures from the concert (which had more pyrotechnics and a better-looking string section), but they were confiscating cameras for this show for some unknown reason. I'll have to settle for this pic from last year's show.

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