Tuesday, October 11, 2005


No more Boogiedown in the Bronx in 2005

Very little could keep me up until the wee hours of the morning when I have to be in Chattanooga for hearings early the next day. However, there are some visions that are worth the sacrifice.

This is one of them - watching a less celebrated, less compensated team celebrate eliminating the Evil Empire from the MLB playoffs.

The 2004 Yankees' payroll of $184.2 million bought them one of the all-time greatest choke jobs in sports history. Steinbrenner opened up the wallet a little more this year, upping the Yankee payroll to over $205.9 million. More money, but even less of a return as the Bronx Bombers barely made the playoffs and were eliminated tonight by the Angels in the first round of the playoffs.

Even better - the Yankees have spent nearly $1 billion this decade on player salaries. In that time, they have exactly ZERO World Series titles to show for their reckless spending.

If there was ever more definitive proof of intelligent design in the universe...

Truer words were never spoken.
Go White Sox!
Ummmm....Anyone else rooting for the Cubbies?
Tonight could be THE night! Tell me you're rooting for the White Sox!
Well, not as good as if the Cubbies had made the playoffs, but I'll take the White Sox!
I'm always for an underdog. (What a surprise,huh?)
My ex husband fought for the heavyweight championship and lost 15 out of 15 rounds(last 15 round heavyweight fight) so I have a long history of cheering the long shot. I still would prefer the Cubbies...maybe next year. Go White Sox!
Sharon -

I'm a former ChiSox season ticket holder, but that was only because it was so cheap to attend games at Comiskey as compared to Wrigley.

As my old med school Dean, Howard Bers, used to say, everyone should raise their children to be Cubs fans. It is the best to teach them humility and disappointment at an early age. :)


LOL I think that applies to liberals as well. By nature we're Cubs fans, which teaches us compassion, patience, and getting used to losing. ;)
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