Thursday, September 08, 2005


Tennessee wins appeal in base closings case

I said at the time of the appeal that I thought Bredesen's decision to drag this issue into federal court on a federalism theory held more merit than the press was allowing. Judge Echols apparently agreed, granting an injunction that may save the 118th Airlift Wing from the disgraceful list of base closures compiled by Secretary Rumsfeld.

Although it doesn't carry the weight as other hot button issues, this is a nice states' rights victory in a year that hasn't seen very many of them.

This is a big victory for Gov. Bredesen. It's too bad our Senators seemed unwilling to go out on a limb to save the 118th. I don't have a problem with base closures if the base is outdated and draining resources, but the 118th has a new multimillion-dollar facility. It makes no sense to close it down and move the unit to Illinois. Kudos to Gov. Bredesen.
I love states rights victories unless I disagree with them. Down with bloated federalism!
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