Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

Whew! What a weekend! The VOLConWife and I attended UT's disappointing performance against UAB (the University of Almost Bama, as the KNS called it) with The Undecided Philosopher, his son, and his mother. That resulted in some tired folks (sitting in the 6th row of Neyland Stadium is hotter than one would think) and one sunburned couple in the VOLConWife and myself.

Sunday was spent at church, conducting the 8th Annual Confederate Football League fantasy football draft (more on that later), and attending BoomsDay on the riverfront. Hats off to Knoxville for the BoomsDay celebration. The fireworks show has become an annual celebration for the VOLConWife and I as part of our wedding anniversary, and the show this year was the best so far and probably the best fireworks show I have ever witnessed (beating out D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, etc.). Busy Mom, guest blogging over at No Silence Here, recalls her first BoomsDay. Our experiences haven't been nearly as adventurous, but we are thinking about the boat route for next year.

Monday was spent in the Tri-Cities area with my family on Boone Lake. Nothing better for the celebration of Labor Day than Tennessee BBQ, boating, waverunners, fishing, and family. However, my old bones need a week off to recover from all of the fun this weekend provided. Alas, it's off to work this morning. I will try to work up a post on the nomination of Judge Roberts to the Chief Justice later on today if time permits. I have a few thoughts on Bush's decision (imagine that!) and recommendations of where he should go from here.

The Tri-Cities is always a great place to visit for a nice holiday! :o)
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