Thursday, September 22, 2005


For a real Christmas treat...

My old Christmas tradition was taking the family out to a showing of "The Nutcracker." While I have nothing against the old ballet, the VOLConWife and I ran across another Christmas experience last year that has replaced "The Nutcracker" as our new family Christmas tradition - the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We saw their show last year in Johnson City and were blown away.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale this morning for all of the shows on their 2005 Winter tour. I've already bought my tickets (for Johnson City again), and you can do so here.

UPDATE: The ticketing website is having a little trouble. Be persistent if you are still trying to obtain tickets for the Tennessee tour stops (Johnson City, Chattanooga, Nashville). I think you'll find that the reward is worth the effort.

I've never heard anyone else mention the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!
I've heard their cd covers of everything from heavy metal to Faust. I love them.
What a great, new holiday tradition!
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