Thursday, September 29, 2005


DeLay Indictment and Texas Law

I heard several of the conservative talking heads (including author Mark Levin) last night positing that the indictment handed down by a Texas grand jury against Congressman Tom DeLay (which can be read here) was insufficient. I suggest that they start reading the specifics of Texas law and quit dealing in generalities. Or they can turn to Southern Appeal, which has laid an excellent foundation.

In any case, it initially appears that the indictment doesn't have much of a chance of being quashed. That being said, it still appears to this observer that the prosecutors have their work cut out for them as this seems a difficult case to prove (as most cases where "intent" is the crucial element of the case). The damage here, though, is probably in the indictment, not the acquittal.

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Your right Rob. They know they won't get a conviction, but in their world the charge is enough.
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