Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Something is amiss on the Right side of the Blogosphere...

Back in June, Michael Silence posted that a group of blogs from the Right - including this site - had formed a loose-knit coalition, posting about similar subjects and linking to each other at a regular clip. I am here to say that while that may have been the case at one time, it is certainly not the case now.

First, Doc B, who ran Right Justified, became sick of blogging. He altered his site's style for a short time, and now his site is off-line, possibly for good. That was a shame, because Doc had some interesting views that haven't been replaced in the Tennessee portion of the Blogosphere.

Second, Glen Dean, who runs Nashville Truth, became sick of blogging. He announced that he would greatly scale back his efforts if he didn't quit entirely. He still posts every now and then, but Glen was one of the most reliable posters and drew many links from all of us.

I can understand the first two happenings. There are some days when this feels like a job - a job for which I receive no pay. OK, that's not entirely true. So far, I have made $1.16 off of the Google Ads and nada off of the Amazon book/CD/DVD ads. In any case, it is nominal compensation, to say the least.

However, I can't understand what has happened recently in relation to other sites that were once commonly linked to VOLuntarilyConservative. To be precise, I am writing of Blogging for Bryant, South End Grounds, Bill Hobbs, Mark Rose, and Adam Groves. For whatever reason, the links have stopped from these sources. Perhaps I have written something that has turned those gentlemen from this site, whether it be criticisms of President Bush, the GOP, Lance Armstrong, or Senator Frist's presidential aspirations. I'm not sure why it happened, but it certainly did happen. According to Technorati, it has been over a week since any of those sites have linked to VOLuntarilyConservative, and my number of posts has actually been higher over that span. Traffic has been steady, so it isn't like I am pointing out this phenomenon for that reason. (I vowed early on - after a talk with Rich Hailey and SayUncle at a get together at Michael Silence's house - to only monitor traffic casually, and I have kept to that practice.) If I write an awesome post that only 80 people read, I am happier and more satisfied than if I write a snappy little quip that gets picked up by Instapundit and read by thousands.

In any case, I wanted to disclose that whatever loose affiliation that Silence noticed in the past apparently was too loose to keep me entangled. Maybe my writings have been dull or uninteresting. I suppose that is reinforced by the total lack of comments on this site over the past week. While I am not going to let this isolation bother me, I am going to make an effort - at least for today - to eliminate geography as a reason for not being noticed by the Nashville bloggers. It is my plan to attend a blogger-only get together this afternoon in Nashville, so there will be an update coming sometime tonight.

Blogger get together this afternoon? Did my invitation get lost in the (e)mail?

I would love the details.

No offense intended. My posts aren't exactly link-filled anyway but the lack of links is no reflection on you or the quality work that you do. I can't wait to meet you this afternoon.
Sharon -

It's all Right-wingers, darlin'. I would say that you probably wouldn't have much fun with all of our talk of world domination. :)

In all seriousness, it is neocons and actual conservatives meeting this afternoon to speak with some national figures passing through Nashville today. It's not really a social gathering - more work than play.


Rob, I'd like to echo what Matthew wrote. I read your blog daily and have not intended to slight you. I too will see you this afternoon.
Hi Rob,
I would hope that I wouldn't be left out for being...well...left. I've almost always maintained a good relationship with "the other side," and I would like to meet all of you, regardless of you being politically misguided. ;)
Seriously, I think it's important for ALL of the political bloggers to have a civilized,and occasional social relationship.
Bill Hobbs was talking about putting something together a while back for all of us to get together. I would like to see that happen. And, I'd like to be included. lol

I always link to you from Bill Hobbs site--but lately you're site would rarely come up for me. The header would appear, and then it would endlessly load with no results.

Being computer illiterate, I just thought something was wrong with your site, or maybe you were working on it.
Rob, I think you are doing a fine job. I would never stop reading your blog because you disagreed with my point of view on something. Heck, I read Sharon's blog everyday and she is almost always wrong.:) I haven't been on the internet lately as much as I used to, but I still drop in from time to time. Take it easy.
LOL Glen. It's a good thing I like you. ;)
BTW...I saw the photo of the meeting today, and there were no women! Being that your side has the most powerful woman in the world, (and an African American woman at that) don't you all have any political female bloggers in Nashville?
When are we all doing lunch?

I check your site every day. Sometimes I link, sometimes I don't. It depends on if you've written that day about something I'm both interested in and writing about.

But you're still in the loop.

Good to see you yesterday, btw. Hope you enjoyed visiting with Grover and it was worth the trip.

As for all of us political bloggers, left and right, doing lunch, I was planning to organize that last month and then July become The Month From Hell in my world, so I didn't get to it. I'm thinking early September, now.
Thanks for the kind words Rob.

Yes, I have been disillusioned with some of the local blog alliances that have been organized - but that wasn't reason enough for me to withdraw completely.

In reality I've merely taken a break from blogging for many reasons but the primary one being the lack of time committment it always requires. My paying job has me very busy in the 3rd/4th quarter this year and there is just no way I would be able to maintain it. And like you - I had a hard time deciding where to spend my $7.85 in google ad income.

Rahter than let my blog stagnate during this time, my blog for the moment remains off-line, but I have held onto the URL for future plans. Presently, my schedule remains very fluid till January when I expect things to settle down. I intend on returning to blogging then but probably not as intense politically as I once was. I'll be focusing more on M'boro happenings and my new found love for motorcycles.

Till then, I remain and active reader when I can get connections at airports and hotels. Keeping my opinions to myself hasn't been easy at 35,000ft, but in my line of work, I need to focus there for the moment.

I'll be back. Not today or even next month, but I will be back. Till then, keep the posts fresh and ideas flowing.
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