Wednesday, June 08, 2005


OK, Huddleston, what gives?

I apologize for the complete absence of posting yesterday, but Nashville was on the agenda and liveblogging was simply not an option. On Tuesday, I participated in a swearing-in ceremony before the Tennessee Supreme Court, the last for Chief Justice Frank F. Drowota, who has served on the Tennessee Supreme Court since I was 3 years old. The Chief Justice is widely respected by his fellow jurists and members of the Bar, and The Tennessean (not known for its legal analysis, for sure) had this to say about the retiring Drowota.

I want to publicly thank Ed Bryant for submitting my motion for admission to the Court, which was granted by Justice Adolpho Birch. I know how busy Ed's schedule is, given his crisscrossing the state in an effort to reach each Tennessean before the August primaries next year. Ed made a considerable effort to coordinate his schedule around the ceremony, and I am forever grateful for his attendance. One can tell a great deal about a man through his selfless acts, through his servant's heart. Ed didn't have to make my motion (although I'm sure my wife, who would have made it if he couldn't have attended, is grateful that her first appearance before an appellate court wasn't before the Tennessee Supreme Court), but the fact is that he did. In my previous admittances, I was motioned by the Supreme Court Clerk or the state bar president. So, yes, this meant a great deal to me. Ed's servant's heart greatly benefited the people of the 7th Congressional District for eight years. God willing, he will serve all Tennesseans in January, 2007, when he takes the oath of office in the U.S. Senate. In that way, I hope that Ed and I are making a habit of attending swearing-in ceremonies.

I would also like to thank the Tennessee Bar Association for hosting the lunch following the ceremony, the staff of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center for helping with arrangements, Ed's staff for assisting with scheduling, my in-laws for driving to Nashville for the event, the firm of Butler, Vines & Babb for allowing my wife to attend, and TBA Vice President Larry Wilks for his cordial company after the ceremony. I'm usually not one for ceremony or the limelight, but even I recognize how special yesterday was, and I want to thank everyone who contributed in making it such.

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