Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Frist as Monty Hall

Glen Dean at Nashville Truth is hot about the possibility of Frist making a deal with the obstructionists in order to avoid the "nuclear option." (I will continue to use the "nuclear" part instead of "constitutional" or any other phrasing because there isn't anything wrong with all things nuclear. Nuclear power is the best form of power, and nuclear warheads save lives on our side of the equation.)

I agree with Glen that if Frist doesn't show admirable leadership qualities here, he might as well go back to medicine after 2006. His presidential candidacy in 2008 could look a great deal like Elizabeth Dole's sorry effort in 2000 (did she actually reach 2000, or did she withdraw in 1999?) if he doesn't show that he has some Reagan or Nixon in him to insure majority rule in the Senate.

UPDATE: Frist says in this AP story that there will be no compromise. However, I'm not convinced that Bill's definition of "compromise" and my definition of "compromise" are the same.

Hopefully, he is hearing us. I hope so. I like Frist. I think he is a good person, but anytime somebody spends two terms in the Senate, it seems like they become too much of a compromiser. This is not a case that we need to compromise. The Republicans hold the cards here. Lets show some leadership and stop listening to some bogus poll put out by The Wash Times and ABC news. BTW, thanks for the link.
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