Monday, April 25, 2005


Dick Morris: GOP filibuster stance could be disastrous

Dick Morris, whose political opinions I respect about 80% of the time, wrote in The Hill that Bush and Frist have everything to lose by supporting the Senate rule change.

We'll safely say that this column by Morris is in the 20% with which I disagree. Firstly, Morris seems to lack an understanding of the proposed rule change. We're talking judicial confirmations here, Dick, not an end to all filibusters. This bastardization through procedure of the original filibuster wasn't even around during the debate of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Secondly, Morris thinks that it is OK to leave out these facts when conducting a poll question. Apparently, only including a few facts is enough to make a question "fairly worded" by Dick's standards.

For the record (since he hasn't said anything about it since the election, and who can blame him), it was Dick Morris that, in a column in The Hill in late 2003, wrote that George Bush needed to distance himself from Christian Conservatives, embrace leftist issues like gay civil unions, and ignore so-called "value voters" in order to win another term. You nailed that one, Dick. But, like I said, I do like Morris about 80% of the time. It just seems like he is much better at analyzing the Left than advising the Right.

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