Thursday, March 09, 2006


$1.3 Million Pearl

Vol basketball fans will be relieved to see that AD Mike Hamilton did the right thing by giving Head Coach Bruce Pearl a raise and a two-year extension. The raise is quite substantial, with Pearl's compensation rising from $800,000 per year to an average of $1.3 million per year. This should keep the Indiana's and Cincinnati's of the world away from our coach.

As someone who thought this team so talent-poor that I predicted only 6 wins before the start of the season, I have to admit that this deal seems quite fair to me. Pearl is one of the best coaches I have ever seen at the college level, and his enthusiasm and public relations are unmatched. I thought the world of Buzz Peterson as a man and was sad to see him go, but Bruce has helped win me over.

I also hated to see Buzz go, he was one of the classiest guys in college basketball. I'm glad he's having success at Coastal Carolina, and hope he continues to do so.

But Bruce Pearl has proven himself and I'm glad he's getting a raise. He certainly deserves it. I've never seen this much excitement for men's basketball in Knoxville, and Bruce deserves all the credit for it. He's an outstanding coach and very entertaining to watch. Here's hoping he stays in Tennessee for years to come.
Pearl is well worth the money. I've got to find out where I can get one of those orange blazers....
JB -

I have definitely noticed more orange suspenders for sale in Knoxville lately, so I imagine the blazer will be following along shortly.


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