Thursday, June 02, 2005


"Tennessee Waltz" a Two-Step Operation?

Mike Hollihan at Half-Bakered seems "in the know" regarding more arrests coming from the "Tennessee Waltz" sting tomorrow, with Memphis-area politicos being prime targets. Mike is also trying to verify the Harold Ford connection in Miami.

Looks like I might need to stock up on Mountain Dews for tomorrow if it's anything like last Thursday...

I had a feeling there other shoes to drop. Ford had his hands in so many pots that when he started being watched many others who deal with him would end up going down with him. Gonna be fun. Sounds like lots of job openings in Tennessee pretty soon.
Not so much in the know as listening to a lot of people. The drumbeat seems too loud not to be true. Especially after the Hooks, pere et fils both pre-emptively said they're innocent. Something's about to happen, that's for sure.
What about Tom DeLay?
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Anonymous -

Uh, OK, what about Tom DeLay? I will bet a dozen Krispy Kremes that he is not a target of "Tennessee Waltz." Go ahead. Bet me. In fact, since everything that has come up over the past 6 months regarding DeLay has been acts of which he was cleared several years ago, I dare say that nothing bad befalls "The Hammer" in the near future.

Just desperate acts from a truly desperate Party. I thought about deleting this comment, but I figured my fellow conservatives might enjoy a reminder as to the kind of intellect that opposes us every day.


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