Monday, June 06, 2005


Lady Vols - Marathon Warriors at the World Series

Who would have ever thought that college softball could be so much fun? Of course, it helps when you win, and the Lady Vols put away Alabama earlier this evening, following that effort with an 11-inning marathon victory over top-seeded Michigan that ended just short of 2:30 A.M. Eastern Time (as I post this, only a few minutes ago). The Lady Vols now have to defeat Michigan again later on today to advance to the Championship Series, which will be against UCLA.

These results, coupled with the baseball team's rout of Wichita State in the Knoxville Regional, made this one heck of a day to be a Tennessee Volunteer. One has to like the UT men's chances of reaching Omaha, as Mike Strange points out. And eliminating Bama and ending their season is especially sweet in any sport - from football to Chinese checkers.

I know that many of us commonly think of the football players as the best athletes at UT, but it is hard to argue that Lady Vols pitcher Monica Abbott isn't the class of the field. She threw nearly 300 pitches in UT's two wins on Sunday on only a couple of hours rest. In addition, she was throwing as hard at the end of the second game as she was when the day began. When one considers that she will probably pitch in the rematch with Michigan later on today...

Simply amazing.

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