Thursday, June 02, 2005


Gray: How Conservatives are Winning the Culture War

Scott Gray, who writes for Frontiers of Freedom, has an excellent op-ed about the methodology that has led the Republicans into power and how that progression has been fueled by "conservative power." He writes:

"Today, the “evangelical” community is larger than ever, representing more than 20% of the voting population, an increase of nearly 10% from a decade ago. Republicans have also gained nearly 90% of these voters. With this base, Republicans have become the power players in Washington. Not only do they have power, though, but they have conservative power. America’s ideals have actually grown more conservative in the past decade. Liberals may still have PBS, but they certainly do not have the American people."


51%....hardly "having" the american people.
Anonymous -

But having the majority, and that is what matters in our system of government.

Well, except for in the Senate, where it pays to be an obstructive minority, although Tom Daschle might disagree...


I wonder if anonymous felt that Bill Clinton achieving less than 50% in not one, but two elections was fair?

It's funny too how Democrats intentionally blocked Nader's efforts in states all across the nation. So much for encouraging the disenfranchised.
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