Wednesday, June 01, 2005


A fairly quiet Wednesday

Considering the happenings of the past week in Tennessee politics, today is relatively quiet. It appears that Bob Corker is trying to buy a solution to his extreme weakness in the grassroots arena, the arrests as part of "Tennessee Waltz" might extend to the leadership, State Reps. Larry Miller and Ulysses Jones aren't innocent even if they didn't take the bribes, Harold Ford, Jr. will suffer for the misgivings of his corrupt family, the Tennessee media still has a liberal bent, John Ford's pension is his having the last laugh at Tennesseans, and John Jay Hooker is just glad to be a "flappy bird."

(Thanks to Blogging for Bryant, Bill Hobbs, South End Grounds, Right Minded, Half-Bakered, FishKite, and John Jay Hooker.)

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