Thursday, June 02, 2005


The 49ers - A football team worthy of America's Gomorrah

The San Francisco Chronicle and are reporting on a tape created by the San Francisco 49ers front office and obtained by the Chronicle that uses nudity, sex, racial stereotyping, and profanity in an effort to train NFL players how to handle the media. The Chronicle has placed the video on its site in the form of 8 clips (with nudity blurred but leaving the audio uncensored).

The irony here is thick. 49ers Public Relations Director Kirk Reynolds is caught in a PR nightmare of his own making while trying to teach players how not to create a PR nightmare. Even more ironic is a statement in segment 7 when the "Mayor" says, "Everything you do is a reflection of the San Francisco 49ers." Yep, that would include making training videos that offend every major cultural group in American Gomorrah, which is difficult to do in only a few minutes.

I watched all of the video clips, and while some of the scenes are bland (along the lines of corporate gags that make fun of employees and are played at annual meetings), others are downright raunchy. This is no little mistake. There is no way that Reynolds didn't know that what he was doing was wrong.

Reynolds was looking to leave the 49ers before the tape was released. Don't worry, Kirk. You won't be out of work for long. I'm sure that this guy can use a man of your unusual talents.

MORE: The gang at SayUncle weigh in and praise the media for publishing the tapes so the public can judge for themselves as to whether or not this is "scandel-worthy." On another note, I wonder how the agents of the players used in the video feel about their clients being used in a video that gives a black eye to the NFL. This certainly couldn't help in the realm of advertising endorsements. Also, will any Christian players on the 49ers have the guts to stand up to their organization? Just a few thoughts on how this story might stay in the public eye for a bit longer.

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