Sunday, May 08, 2005


You know it's going to be a bad weekend when...

As I have noted several times during the week, I have been suffering from a cold. Friday morning, I awoke with breathing problems and chest pains, so (against all things Appalachian in my body) I decided to drive myself to the doctor. Diagnosis - pneumonia. Needless to say, I don't have any good tales to tell from BlogNashville, nor do I know anything that has been going on over the past 36 hours unless it was covered by Fox News Channel or ESPN. I'm not sure which is worse - the horrid sickness or the lack of information.

Sorry about your illness and hope you feel better soon. From what I hear, you missed a nice fireworks show at BlogNashville.
Sorry you didn't make it. My name is Stan Brown, I live here in Knoxville, and I was just a nice blogging boy (actually old man) minding my own business at BlogNashville when some W(h)iner jumped my ass while a camera was rolling and it ended up all over the blogosphere.

I was checking out Knoxville registrats to BlogNashville with the idea of trying something similar on a local scale. Do you think there would be any interest?

Stan -

I know I would be interested. One of the aspects that led me to register for BlogNashville, quite honestly, was the location. I love the medium, but I wasn't about to jet to Vegas for a blogging conference because, well, I ain't rich.

Of course, me being on board isn't a headliner. If Professor Reynolds, SKB, and a few others are on-board, it could certainly work.

Are you thinking about a monthly meeting or a conference?

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