Monday, May 02, 2005


Tennessee Newspaper comes out against Bredesen's Pre-K Plan

In what I believe is the first instance of such, a Tennessee newspaper has decided that it will oppose Bredesen's Frankenstein before the need for torches and pitchforks occurs. The Kingsport Times-News, which seems to be making serious strides as of late to become a legitimate newspaper, has called Bredesen's boondoggle what it is - overpriced, unneeded, and a future attack on parental rights.

I'm proud of the KTN. Some of their reporters back in the 1990s used to interview me. The questions would sound downright silly at the time, but they seemed ridiculous when the article eventually made it print. I had heard of some new blood that had infiltrated the newspaper. It certainly seems to be the case, given several articles I have read out of Kingsport in the past few months.

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