Thursday, May 05, 2005


Labour holds on in Great Britain

If the exit polls can be believed, then Tony Blair will remain Prime Minister. The BBC is predicting that Labour will hold 358 out of the 646 seats in Parliament, meaning that Labour lost nearly 100 seats this election. The part I don't get is that mainstream media is playing this as a referendum on Iraq, much as Professor Reynolds predicted on Instapundit one month ago today. If that was the case, then why did the Lib-Dems - the only party that opposed the war in Iraq - only pick up two seats? The Tories were the party that made big gains, but they supported going to war in Iraq. That doesn't seem to jive, now does it?

John Walt at Tennessee Rants is happy at the result. I offer a question - do you like the Labour win if Blair is soon out of Downing Street? Even if it defies American political logic, I can't see Blair being retained as Prime Minister after a loss of nearly 100 seats in Parliament, and, to paraphrase Gandalf, there are older and fouler things than Blair in the deep places of the Labour Party...

If Blair is forced out by his own party, that will be a shame. At the same time, the man who founded "New Labour" a decade ago and managed to bring his own party into a war they uniformly opposed may yet prove far more resourceful that we give him credit for.

I'd like to recommend a book: "The Iraq War" by John Keegan, which not only does a good analysis of that fight, but also gives Americans a good idea of how skillful a politician Tony Blair is.

I would NOT like to see the lefties reassert their hold over Labour. At the same time, I hear stories (I can't confirm them) that the Tories right now aren't much better (more conservative) than Labour.
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